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cremation memorial ashes jewellery

Memorial ashes can be fused inside glass which can then be made into a special piece of jewellery for you to wear close to you to remember a loved one.

It has become very popular for people to have some of the cremation ashes of a family member or a beloved pet made into a keepsake. I have been asked to make quite a few special pieces for people and have written this article to give you more information on what is involved.

I handle the ashes with great care and reverence and would be happy to discuss the details of what you would like made, when you are ready. Link to page

You may not know this but my previous life was all about enabling people to access quality health information and services. I have written a short article with a few links to more information about non-medicinal routes to wellbeing, many close to my heart such as creative activities, reading, gardening....

Feel free to share if you think it is of interest! Link to page.

Creative activity as a therapy to help mental health and wellbeing
looking after silver jewellery

Even before starting to make my own jewellery I was interested in how to stop my silver or silver plate jewellery from tarnishing. Very frustrating when you are getting ready to go out, reach for your favourite necklace, only to find it has tarnished and you have no time to clean it!

Here are some tips on how to store jewellery and how to clean it if it has tarnished. Link to page.

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